[etoys-dev] Customizable project resolution?

Xin Wang dram.wang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 07:24:02 EST 2010

Hi all,

In order to share projects easily, project resolution is set to
1200x900, and use VirtualScreen to scale to fit the physical screen.

But for some small screens, 1200x900 is a bit large, so the project
world has to be zoomed out a lot.  In some languages, such as Chinese,
there are a number of font glyphs are complex, as those characters
also has to be zoomed out, they may not be showed very clearly.

So is it better to make project resolution customizable? Just like we
can set canvas size to any value in image manipulation programs. As
projects are displayed using VirtualScreen, this change will not
affect project sharing.

The bounds of project world is initialized in
worldPasteUpMorph>>initForProject, when I change it to some other
value instead of Display boundingBox, project displays properly, so I
think it may be not very difficult to implement this.

So could this feature be added into Etoys?

Xin Wang

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