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kharness at illinois.edu kharness at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 30 11:10:22 EDT 2010

Thanks, I'll make the change your suggest.

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>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 09:10:37 -0500 (CDT)
>From: <kharness at illinois.edu>  
>Subject: scale factor  
>To: etoys-dev at squeakland.org
>The guide ScriptTileScaleFactor has a problem I do not know how to correct.
>The version in the trunk is
>When I download the version from the trunk, the script shows "decrease by 0.009". But in that Quick Guide showing in Beta version that tile has changed to decrease by 0. The bee still decreases in size. 
>The PNG attachment shows the two side by side.
>Shall I change the guide to direct the reader to change the scale factor on that page instead of having it there when the guide opens? Is Etoys making decisions about decimals I do not know?
>The same problem occurs in the Spanish, Italian,and Portuguese guides about scale factors; i.e. 0.009 is changed to 0.
>The German guide for Scale Factor does not appear in the beta version. I attached it to this email. Perhaps it is because the name does not follow the naming convention but I could not see how to shorten suchalongcompoundword. 
>scale factor scripts compared.PNG (83k bytes)
>ScriptSkalierungsfaktor.004.pr (150k bytes)

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