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Sun Aug 29 12:20:23 EDT 2010

MenusMakeNewFlap from the Quick Guides

It is made redundant with this change below.

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>Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 14:59:35.446 0000
>From: commits at source.squeak.org  
>Subject: [etoys-dev] Etoys: MorphicExtras-bf.14.mcz  
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>Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of MorphicExtras to project Etoys:
>==================== Summary ====================
>Name: MorphicExtras-bf.14
>Author: bf
>Time: 29 August 2010, 4:59:26 pm
>UUID: a5141c92-4040-47f0-9d7b-a6a703f8821e
>Ancestors: MorphicExtras-bf.13
>Fix for SQ-529:  Need easier way to add a flap
>- adds a flap to Supplies and Object Catalog
>=============== Diff against MorphicExtras-bf.13 ===============
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>registerInFlapsRegistry (in category 'class initialization') -----
>+ registerInFlapsRegistry
>+ 	"Register the receiver in the system's flaps registry"
>+ 	Flaps registerQuad: {#FlapTab. #authoringPrototype. 'Flap' translatedNoop. self helpMessage}
>+ 		forFlapNamed: 'Supplies'.!
>Item was changed:
>  ----- Method: Flaps class>>defaultsQuadsDefiningPlugInSuppliesFlap (in category 'predefined flaps') -----
>  defaultsQuadsDefiningPlugInSuppliesFlap
>  	"Answer a list of quads which define the objects to appear in the default Supplies flap used in the Plug-in image"
>  	^  {
>  	{#ObjectsTool. #newStandAlone. 'Object Catalog' translatedNoop. 'A tool that lets you browse the catalog of available objects' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#AllScriptsTool. #allScriptsToolForActiveWorld. 'All Scripts' translatedNoop. 'Stop, Step, and Go buttons for controlling all your scripts at once.  The tool can also be "opened up" to control each script in your project individually.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#AllPlayersTool. #allPlayersToolForActiveWorld. 'Players' translatedNoop. 'A tool listing all the scripted objects in the project.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#TrashCanMorph. #new	. 'Trash' translatedNoop. 'A tool for discarding objects' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#TextMorph	. #authoringPrototype. 'Text' translatedNoop.	'Text that you can edit into anything you desire.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#RecordingControls. #authoringPrototype. 'Sound Recorder' translatedNoop. 'A device for making sound recordings.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#RectangleMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Rectangle' translatedNoop. 'A rectangle' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#EllipseMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Ellipse' translatedNoop.  'An ellipse or circle' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#StarMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Star' translatedNoop. 'A star' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#BookMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Book' translatedNoop. 'A multi-paged structure' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#ScriptingSystem. #prototypicalHolder. 'Holder' translatedNoop. 'A place for storing alternative pictures in an animation, etc.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#JoystickMorph	. #authoringPrototype. 'Joystick' translatedNoop. 'A joystick-like control' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#PasteUpMorph. #authoringPrototype. 'Playfield' translatedNoop. 'A place for assembling parts or for staging animations' translatedNoop}.
>+ 	{#FlapTab. #authoringPrototype. 'Flap' translatedNoop. FlapTab helpMessage}.
>  	{#ScriptableButton. #authoringPrototype. 'Button' translatedNoop. 'A button to use with tile scripting; its script will be a method of its containing playfield' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#SimpleSliderMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Slider' translatedNoop.	'A slider for showing and setting numeric values.' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#GrabPatchMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Grab patch' translatedNoop.	'Make a new "Sketch" by designating a rectangular area of the screen' translatedNoop}.
>  	{#LassoPatchMorph.	#authoringPrototype.	'Lasso' translatedNoop.	'Make a new "Sketch" by "lassoing" an area of the screen' translatedNoop}.
>  } asOrderedCollection!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>newStandAlone (in category 'scripting') -----
>+ newStandAlone
>+ 	"Answer a suitable instance for use in a parts bin"
>+ 	^(Flaps newFlapTitled: 'My Flap' translated onEdge: #bottom)
>+ 		setBalloonText: self helpMessage translated!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>initialize (in category 'class initialization') -----
>+ initialize
>+ 	self registerInFlapsRegistry.
>+ !
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>helpMessage (in category 'scripting') -----
>+ helpMessage
>+ 	^'A flap to hold objects. For example, you can add a description of your project, or keep versions of sketches for later use. Use the flap tab''s halo menu to adjust its properties.' translatedNoop!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>authoringPrototype (in category 'scripting') -----
>+ authoringPrototype
>+ 	^self newStandAlone markAsPartsDonor!
>Item was added:
>+ ----- Method: FlapTab class>>descriptionForPartsBin (in category 'scripting') -----
>+ descriptionForPartsBin
>+ 	^ self partName: 	'Flap' translatedNoop
>+ 		categories:		{'Scripting' translatedNoop}
>+ 		documentation: self helpMessage!
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