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Thu Aug 26 16:27:31 EDT 2010

I understand the need to stay aligned with OLCP. What ver needs to be done to make that right will work for my students too.

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>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2010 22:21:24 +0200
>From: Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>  
>Subject: Re: [etoys-dev] new project icon in the NavBar  
>To: etoys dev <etoys-dev at squeakland.org>
>   On 26.08.2010, at 20:56, Steve Thomas wrote:
>     I lean towards Kathleen's preference of leaving it
>     there, because it is quick and simple for kids to
>     create new projects.
>   What do you want the kids to learn by being able to
>   quickly create a series of nested projects?
>     Why two clicks when one will do? (That said you
>     can't have one click for everything)
>     So I see two issues attempting to be addressed
>     (not that what I see is accurate or complete ;)
>     1. Consistent interface across platforms
>     2. Avoiding issues associated with nested projects
>          1. removing the "new project" icon does not
>              avoid this although it may limit the
>              frequency of occurrences.  You can create
>              nested projects by dragging a .pr file
>              onto the Etoys screen, at least this
>              works on Mac and I assume PC's and Linux.
>     Also, I guess one of the issues I have is how do
>     you navigate between multiple projects.  The
>     project icons on the home screen look ugly to me.
>      The "Thread Navigator" does allow me to navigate
>     through multiple projects.  
>   If you use the thread navigator, the
>   forward/backward buttons in the tool bar become even
>   less predictable than they are now. The forward
>   button is pretty much useless anyway.
>     One possibility would be a project Navigator in
>     the Sugar Flap. Which does create new projects
>     (don't know all the implications of doing this in
>     Sugar, which I'm sure there are some and that is
>     why its not there) and perhaps on "mouse down for
>     a while" drops down to a list of current project
>     icons, possibly hierarchical depending on where
>     you created them from, but I'm probably getting
>     too complex for my own good with that).
>     Stephen
>     On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 10:07 AM, Bert Freudenberg
>     <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
>       On 26.08.2010, at 16:02, <kharness at illinois.edu>
>       wrote:
>       > Hi,
>       > There was a recent discussion about whether
>       the new project icon would be in the new release
>       or not. Some about the OLPC needs.
>       > Was a decision reached?
>       Yes. It's gone. To make a new project, have
>       students go to the home screen.
>       - Bert -
>       > If not, I would speak in favor of leaving that
>       icon where it is. As I was starting students
>       with Etoys this week I noticed how many used
>       that icon, the back and forward arrows, and the
>       little windows in the top left corner of the
>       world to move around in projects. My lab
>       computers then become a set of current examples
>       of classwork that each class during the day can
>       look at to see other people's ideas.
>       > They have learned to remove the little window
>       project when they publish their own. They use
>       the menu, read the choices, and choose correctly
>       every time.
>   Making multiple projects uses up lots of RAM. From a
>   resources viewpoint, a project should be dropped
>   from memory as soon as you leave it. 
>   The unit of work in Etoys as it is now is a single
>   project, not multiple projects. We lack the man
>   power to correct this. So why do we want to
>   frustrate kids by offering options that we know do
>   not work anyway?
>   - Bert -
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