[etoys-dev] [squeakland] (SQ-749) and Kathleen's question on "What do you mean by Artifacts?"

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 06:31:55 EDT 2010

Le 23/08/2010 05:37, Steve Thomas a écrit :
> I would like to be able to re-use and share those solutions
> (especially since Etoys lets me look inside and modify them). The
> ability to look inside and modify them is why I would prefer
> "artifacts" (as discussed in previous emails and built by Hilaire as
> part of iStoa) be created with scripting tiles as opposed to doing so
> in squeak.  This would allow teacher to build a set of virtual
> manipulatives that others could modify or just look inside and figure
> out how they work. One response I received was that this would not
> scale, but frankly I don't understand why not.
I totally agree. The absence of artifact to represent math/scientific
concept is frustrating for teacher. This absence makes it hard for this
teacher to see how deep teaching with Etoys could be.
In contrary, it seems artifacts will help Etoys to scale to a larger
teacher audience.


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