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Sun Aug 22 12:42:53 EDT 2010

Bert Freudenberg uploaded a new version of System to project Etoys:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: System-bf.31
Author: bf
Time: 22 August 2010, 6:42:02 pm
UUID: d2a84544-cb58-42c6-8bab-a29068b368de
Ancestors: System-bf.30

- set previous locale to a project's locale when entering it (TextMorph>>localeChanged depends on previous locale being set correctly)

=============== Diff against System-bf.30 ===============

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: Locale class>>previous: (in category 'accessing') -----
+ previous: aLocale
+ 	Previous := aLocale
+ !

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Project>>finalEnterActions (in category 'menu messages') -----
  	"Perform the final actions necessary as the receiver project is entered"
  	| navigator armsLengthCmd navType thingsToUnhibernate |
  	self projectParameters 
  		at: #projectsToBeDeleted 
  		ifPresent: [ :projectsToBeDeleted |
  			self removeParameter: #projectsToBeDeleted.
  			projectsToBeDeleted do: [ :each | 
  				Project deletingProject: each.
  				each removeChangeSetIfPossible]].
  	Preferences preserveProjectLocale
  		ifTrue: [Locale switchAndInstallFontToID: self localeID gently: true]
+ 		ifFalse: [self localeID = LocaleID current ifFalse: [
+ 			Locale previous: (Locale localeID: self localeID)].
+ 			self localeChanged].
- 		ifFalse: [self localeID = LocaleID current ifFalse: [self localeChanged]].
  	(self projectParameterAt: #oldProject ifAbsent: [false])
  			[(self isFlapIDEnabled: 'Sugar Navigator Flap' translated)
  					[(world findA: SugarNavTab) ifNotNilDo:
  						[:tab |
  							 tab hideNavBar.
  							tab firstSubmorph  putUpInitialBalloonHelpFor:
  								 'show the tool bar' translated.
  			[(self isFlapIDEnabled: 'Sugar Navigator Flap' translated)
  				ifFalse: [Flaps enableGlobalFlapWithID: 'Sugar Navigator Flap' translated]].
  	self removeParameter: #oldProject.
  	thingsToUnhibernate _ world valueOfProperty: #thingsToUnhibernate ifAbsent: [#()].
  	thingsToUnhibernate do: [:each | each unhibernate].
  	world removeProperty: #thingsToUnhibernate.
  	(self projectParameterAt: #substitutedFont) ifNotNil: [
  		self removeParameter: #substitutedFont.
  		self world presenter allPlayersWithUniclasses do: [:uni | uni allScriptEditors do: [:scr |
  			scr setProperty: #needsLayoutFixed toValue: true ]].
  	navType _ ProjectNavigationMorph preferredNavigator.
  	armsLengthCmd _ self parameterAt: #armsLengthCmd ifAbsent: [nil].
  	navigator _ world findA: navType.
  	(Preferences classicNavigatorEnabled and: [Preferences showProjectNavigator and: [navigator isNil]]) ifTrue:
  		[(navigator _ navType new addButtons)
  			bottomLeft: world bottomLeft;
  			openInWorld: world].
  	navigator notNil & armsLengthCmd notNil ifTrue:
  		[navigator color: Color lightBlue].
  	armsLengthCmd ifNotNil: [armsLengthCmd openInWorld: world].
  	Smalltalk isMorphic ifTrue:
  		[world reformulateUpdatingMenus.
  		world hands do: [:h | h releaseCachedState].
  		world presenter positionStandardPlayer].
  	WorldState addDeferredUIMessage: [self startResourceLoading].!

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: Preferences class>>showAdvancedNavigatorButtons (in category 'standard queries') -----
- showAdvancedNavigatorButtons
- 	^ self
- 		valueOfFlag: #showAdvancedNavigatorButtons
- 		ifAbsent: [true]!

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