[etoys-dev] Etoys 4.1 alpha 2

Steve Thomas sthomas1 at gosargon.com
Sat Aug 21 13:29:55 EDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 6:33 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>wrote:

> Here is the second alpha version of the upcoming Etoys 4.1 release:
>        http://etoys.squeak.org/download/Etoys-4.1-alpha2.zip
> I had to make a quick update to alpha 1 because some Sugar stuff was
> seriously broken.
> Changes since alpha1:
> * fix NavBar not showing Sugar buttons
So this was to remove the new project button, so that all "new projects" are
created from the top of the hierarchy and thus avoid "Nested Projects" and
their associated issues?
So to create a New Project the user would always have to go back to the
"home page" and click on the "Make a Project Cloud".  So then I think this
means that the arrow buttons basically mean (Go to "home page" or "Go to
previous project"). Hmmmm

I like the fact that I won't get the current project's Icon in my new
project (a problem with Nested Projects).

* fix 'length' and 'width' being read-only
'length' and 'width' of what?
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