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I revised the Italian guides in June but did not have time to put them on EtoysIllinois. It looks like you used the version from EtoysIllinois. I will double check all of the Italian QG using Alpha2 and then send a zip file with the new versions. I just now corrected the Italian AllScripts project and it will be in the zip file. 

English QG checked all using the Alpha2 version
inexplicably wrong:
page1 script works okay, the bee's size decreases but, the script tile shows decrease by 0 instead of 0.009. I can't see why it would still work and I don't know what changed it.  The version on Etoysillinois is correct. 

Supplies:Players Tool
p 4 script does not work but if I rebuild the script with tiles for those objects inside the guide then it works, I don't know what broke it. The version on Etoysillinois works correctly.

kh error:
page 2 has text that says add a forward by tile but the example script has turn by. I have attached a corrected project for this one that changes the tile to match the text. Comments below for this guide in the other languages.

NB Many of the revised texts have changed locations on the pages and bumped sketches and scripts to other places too.
Do you want me to realign all of these?

when checking the German script to repair my error I noticed
p2.looks like its text says make a script with five tiles> Should it use the words on the tile 'drehe dich um 5'? The script tile and text should agree, both should be forward by. 

fyi: Spanish, Portuguese AllScripts guides are correct in the Alpha2 And it was not translated into French.

I will check the QG in the French and Spanish using Alpha2 this weekend.

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