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Thanks! Nice demo, now I want to make a tumbling toy. I agree that it is a natural description of what that toy does. Whatever we call it kids are going to like it. 

Not as much fun as the YouTube example you sent but, here is NCTM's take on the topic:

The testing mania here has made me hyper-sensitive to terminology students will see on high stakes standardized tests. I try to give students opportunities to apply knowledge, to play with ideas in different ways but, at the same time, I use the text book terms where I can. 

The Naglieri test of spatial reasoning given locally makes me certain the experience children get in Etoys, seeing so many shapes in so many positions and learning to anticipate what something will look like in motion, builds a big mental catalog of visual images, I don't know how they could get that experience any easier nor have any more fun doing it.

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>> Flip left right and flip up down would be good labels. Flip would be found
>> in math books more often than tumble.
>I picked the terms that kids use while playing as in fishes flipping back and 
>forth in a tank or the tumbling toy (see 
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