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>> On 15.08.2010, at 01:45, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>>> On 14.08.2010, at 01:35, Ted Kaehler wrote:
>>>> Folks,
>>>> 	Here is what Bert and I are going to do.  The QuickGuides for the new release will be the old QuickGuides plus the "Basic Guides" from Kathleen plus MenuMakeNewFlap that Steve Thomas wanted (I agree).
>>> I renamed two guides:
>>> MenuBringtoFront -> MenuBring-toFront
>>> NavigatorBarHideShow -> NavBarHideShow
> Thanks my names did not follow the conventions we had agreed on.
>>> About MenuMakeNewFlap1 - why the 1 at the end? And why does it not recommend the view-source key (alt-comma)? Alt-shift-w is an obscure shortcut for a good reason.
> It uses Alt-shift-w because that is how I learned how to do it. Do you want me to make a new version of the flap project using alt-comma?

Yes, please.

>>> There are more guides ending in 1: ObjectCatPolygon1 ScriptTileOverlapsDot1 ScriptTileTwoColorTest1
> I think those 1's are because I had two copies of the same version open at one time and saved both of them. Do you want me to send those four projects with corrected names?

No need to, the trailing digits are not displayed in the title.

>>> HaloActiveHandles and MenuTicksPerSecond - mentioned in Ted's mail but I do not have them
> I removed those two two guides from consideration for this release. HaloActiveHandles page 4 the example active handles do not work.  MenuTicksPerSecond was removed because the explanation on page 3 is not correct. I can work of these some more if you want to include them. Tell me.

No, I just wanted to know if I missed anything. I think the guides we have are great.

>>> The English index project is broken. I used the old one, did not try to fix it.
> The only change I made from old to new was to center text at x=208 instead of x=212. Using the old one is fine.

Well, there is a sketch covering the actual buttons:

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This is straight from

>>> Same for the Spanish one, I had to fix it it. It had a duplicated "layer" of buttons on top ... strange. The Italian index had a screenshot of the buttons on top, too.
> Thanks for fixing those.

Do you want to update the ones on your site?


And all German guides have been updated (and some renamed):

I'm not sure if you followed the commit messages - I also renamed one Spanish guide IIRC.

>>>> 	I'll let Bert reply on how much time you have to make translations.
>>>> --Ted.
>>> End of August will still be fine. 
>>> What I need for each translation is a file mapping file names to titles. It also gives translations for the category titles. We can only use ASCII for the file names, but this file lets us use Unicode for titles. E.g. in German there are accented characters in the title but not the file names.
>>> I made preliminary index files on my own:
>>> Spanish http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/QuickGuides-Projects/es/index.txt
>>> Portuguese http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/QuickGuides-Projects/pt/index.txt
>>> Italian http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/QuickGuides-Projects/it/index.txt
>>> German http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/QuickGuides-Projects/de/index.txt
>>> French http://etoys.squeak.org/svn/trunk/QuickGuides-Projects/fr/index.txt
>>> Someone should edit these. Left of the vertical bar "|" is the filename, right of it the translation. Also, it gives the order of the guides in the category so you might want to adjust this.
>>> There is no French index project yet so I had to use the English one. And there are many guides still missing.
> I do not know of anyone working to finish the French translations. Perhaps it would be better to withdraw the French from this release? A partial set in the software will be confusing. On the web site only translated projects are available.

Maybe some translation is better than none? One could always switch to another language that has fill translations. But I'd be fine either way. Of course, the untranslated index is kind-of a show stopper.

>>> - Bert -
>> So I'm basically done with getting the QuickGuides into alpha release form. Ted's code works fine, with a few minor nits.
>> In the German guides, almost each one appears twice in the menu. I think this happens when the auto-generated title and the one from index.txt differ.
>> Loading an index book from disk replaces the in-image default index book. Do we even need the in-image book anymore?
>> OTOH it would be good to have for languages that do not have an index project on their own yet. However that is not working. If there is no index project, the non-English guides do not work, a blank index page is shown.
>> Also, if there is an index project but the file names do not start with the English category names, they are not found, unless they are listed in an index text file.
>> For English, the index.txt is needed to give the category titles. But maybe the category titles could be taken from the button labels in the index project? Then, an index text file would only be needed to give the order of guides in each category.
> You are asking questions I do not know how to answer.

That is why I sent it to the developers list :)

These were meant for Ted. The questions for you were on the squeakland list.

- Bert -

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