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Fri Aug 13 19:25:40 EDT 2010

A new version of Sugar was added to project Etoys Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sugar-tk.2
Author: tk
Time: 13 August 2010, 4:25:29 pm
UUID: 5c7c92f2-c667-4cb0-a5cc-79ce9cbc3adb
Ancestors: Sugar-bf.1

One method in this bundle that goes with QuickGuides revisions in Morphic-tk.31.  

Read the index file every time the user clicks the help button in the Sugar nav bar.  Rebuild all data about what guides are present.

=============== Diff against Sugar-bf.1 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SugarNavigatorBar>>buildAndOpenHelpFlap (in category 'help flap') -----
  	"Called only when flaps are being created afresh."
  	| aFlapTab outer leftStrip rightStrip aGuide |
  	aFlapTab :=  FlapTab new.
  	aFlapTab assureExtension visible: false.
  	aFlapTab setProperty: #rigidThickness toValue: true.
  	outer := AlignmentMorph newRow.
  	outer assureExtension visible: false.
  	outer clipSubmorphs: true.
  	outer beTransparent.
  	outer vResizing: #spaceFill; hResizing: #spaceFill.
  	outer layoutInset: 0; cellInset: 0; borderWidth: 0.
  	outer setProperty: #wantsHaloFromClick toValue: false.
  	leftStrip := Morph new beTransparent.  "This provides space for tabs to be seen."
  	leftStrip layoutInset: 0; cellInset: 0; borderWidth: 0.
  	leftStrip width:  20.
  	leftStrip hResizing: #rigid; vResizing: #spaceFill.
  	outer addMorphBack: leftStrip.   
  	rightStrip := AlignmentMorph newColumn.
  	rightStrip color: (Color green veryMuchLighter alpha:  0.2).
  	rightStrip layoutInset: 0; cellInset: 0; borderWidth: 0.
  	rightStrip setProperty: #wantsHaloFromClick toValue: false.
  	outer addMorphBack: rightStrip.
  	outer clipSubmorphs: true.
  	aGuide := QuickGuideMorph new.
  	aGuide initializeIndexPage.
+ "	aGuide order: QuickGuideMorph defaultOrder.	"
+ 	QuickGuideMorph loadIndexAndPeekOnDisk.
+ 	aGuide loadPages.
- 	aGuide order: QuickGuideMorph defaultOrder.
  	rightStrip addMorphBack: aGuide.
  	aGuide beSticky.
  	aFlapTab referent ifNotNil: [aFlapTab referent delete].
  	aFlapTab referent: outer.
  	aFlapTab setName: 'Help' translated edge: #left color: (Color r: 0.677 g: 0.935 b: 0.484).
  	ActiveWorld addMorphFront: aFlapTab.
  	aFlapTab adaptToWorld: ActiveWorld.
  	aFlapTab computeEdgeFraction.
  	aFlapTab position: (outer left @ outer top).
  	outer extent: (462 @ ActiveWorld height).
  	outer beFlap: true.
  	outer beTransparent.
  	aFlapTab referent hide.
  	aFlapTab referentMargin: 0 at self height.
  	aFlapTab openFully.
  	outer beSticky.
  	leftStrip beSticky.
  	rightStrip beSticky.
  	aFlapTab applyThickness: 462.
  	aFlapTab fitOnScreen.
  	aFlapTab referent show.
  	aFlapTab show.
  	aFlapTab makeFlapCompact: true.
  	aFlapTab setToPopOutOnDragOver:  false.
  	Flaps addGlobalFlap: aFlapTab.
  	ActiveWorld addGlobalFlaps.
  	ScriptingSystem cleanUpFlapTabsOnLeft!

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