[etoys-dev] Copying Graphing tools and Speech Bubbles to Inbox

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 9 17:20:22 EDT 2010

On 07.08.2010, at 18:35, Ricardo Moran wrote:

> Hi guys, I just copied three packages from the GSoC package to Etoys inbox: GSoC-Utils-Richo.1, GSoC-Graphing-Richo2 and GSoC-SpeechBubbles-Richo.6.


> I just noticed the comments are not really descriptive for the inbox. If that's a problem I would move them to treated and upload new versions with good comments.

We should not add a package named "GSoC". Rather, move the classes/extension methods to the appropriate Etoys or Morphic package. Also, give them an appropriate name (the prefix "GSoC" will not make sense next year).

GSoCTextMorph, GSoCScrollPane: do we really need new classes for this? Can't the behavior incorporated in the existing classes?

Also, all the new Player subclasses are a bit problematic. The canonical way is to just add the methods to Player itself (see the chat log).

We don't want a new class Vector, nor a method to: in Point.  It does not really seem useful enough to occupy that name. Also, VectorMorph is just a PolygonMorph - why subclass that at all?

PointMorph seems particularly hacky. Is the whole point of this class to have an update method? Why can't any morph be used as a point in a diagram?

So much for now. The educators really like your additions, now we just need to get the code into shape for inclusion :)

Thank you for working on this!

- Bert -

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