[etoys-dev] Persistent preferences

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Aug 9 05:13:31 EDT 2010

On 09.08.2010, at 05:53, Steve Thomas wrote:

> Does this change apply only to preferences?


> Or does it cover the things Scott Wallace mentioned in tracker:
> More things than just preference values might also be stored in such a file, e.g. default screen background color/picture, maybe even presence of some "standard morphs" to be inserted into new projects, etc
> The ability to have "standard morphs" (either in the Object Catalog,  or Supplies Bin) would be useful.

This would require a different, though related mechanism.

> Also after Squeakfest and thinking about Walter Benders comments on flaps and books, the ability to start all new projects with a book and default flap would be nice as well.  Of course I could accomplish this with a few extra mouse clicks by simply making a "starter project" that has these objects and then modify  and rename that project.

We would have to add code for this, which then could be guarded by a preference.

- Bert -

> Stephen
> On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I uploaded a proposed implementation to the inbox. This allows you a user to change certain preferences automatically on startup. The feature has been requested quite often, e.g. you could turn on unlimitedPaintArea permanently, or debugHaloHandle, etc.
> We are in feature freeze, but OTH we still have no alpha version yet. I think it's relatively low risk. Please comment.
> - Bert -

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