[etoys-dev] Preparing for Monticello-based updates

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Tue Apr 27 00:21:21 EDT 2010

At Mon, 26 Apr 2010 20:57:56 -0700,
Andreas Raab wrote:
> * Keyboard shortcuts. Some keyboard shortcuts seem completely broken on 
> Windows. At first I thought this is a VM issue but they don't work with 
> the the VM in the Etoys app either. Is there a way to fix that? Having 
> shortcuts like "implementors" not work makes working somewhere between 
> hard and impossible. Any ideas how to fix that?

  I thought this is a VM issue.  Is there any other short cut other
than Ctrl-m that doesn't work?  It must be translated to return
somewhere in the VM.

> * Scaling. As much as I understand the desire, is there a way to turn 
> off display scaling and the uber-large cursors? The fonts are simply too 
> hard on my eyes for continuous work.

  If you have the gray bar, hold the button on the screen resize icon
and say 'No Scaling'.  (Or something like: 

  SugarNavigatorBar basicNew toggleScreenSetting: #physical).

-- Yoshiki

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