[etoys-dev] Preparing for Monticello-based updates

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Mon Apr 19 21:32:46 EDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 01:52:14PM +0200, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Hi folks,
> as we discussed lately we want to enable easier contributions, following a model similar to Squeak's "trunk". I spent the weekend making the latest tools from Squeak work in the Etoys image. I did not push it to the update stream yet, but it is attached. Let's discuss in the developer meeting on IRC later today.
> Here is how to test it:
> * Download Etoys-To-Go4-Final.zip from squeakland.org and unzip and run
> * get halo for world, choose "preferences..." from halo menu
> * disable "eToyFriendly" in the "scripting category"
> * click the gray World background, choose "previous project" from the World menu
> * you'll be taken to the hidden top-level project, light-blue background
> * now is a good time to save the image
> This will result in an image ready for development work. I'm suggesting to use Etoys-To-Go because it is self-contained and allows to save the image easily. The regular install is read-only.
> Now for my stuff ... 
> * running Etoys-To-Go creates a folder called "Etoys" next to it. Unzip the attached files into that "Etoys" folder.
> * open a file list. You should see the files now (loadmc.st, compatFixes-bf.cs, MonadicIfNotNil-eem.cs, Pragmas-eem.cs, FakeUIManager-bf.cs)
> * select the contents of loadmc.st and "do it". If the files are in the default folder, it should work.
> * this will churn for a long while, but finally, it should have installed Monticello and MonticelloConfigurations and PackageInfo from trunk.

Hi Bert,

I followed your instructions and everything loaded as expected. I now have
an Etoys image with Monticello.

Once I got this far, I did world -> open... -> Monticello Browser to
open the Monticello browser. The available repositories (right hand
browser pane) were Squeak trunk and the local package-cache, so I added
the Etoys repository by clicking the "+Repository" button, selecting
type "HTTP", then enter the repository location:

	location: 'http://source.squeak.org/etoys'
	user: 'dtl'
	password: 'mypassword'

So now I can browse both the Etoys repository and the Squeak trunk
repository, and everything looks fine. I can see that a number
of "FixUnderscores" have already been done on Etoys packages, so
I see those differences relative to the base Etoys-to-go image,
and everything else looks pretty much in sync as expected.

> Starting with this it should be really simple to get MC-based updates going,
> we just need to add some more utility methods from the trunk.

Most likely adding the Monticello-based update stream would be a
good next step.

[Off topic: I assume that the idea is to switch over to MC for development,
although I have to say that I personally like Edgar's idea of *also*
providing a changeset based stream generated from the MC changes. However,
I don't know that we have a fully usable implementation of this.]

> Comments and help welcome :)

It looks good so far :)


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