[etoys-dev] GSoC - Progress on the graphing tools

karl ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 13:41:32 EDT 2010

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Ricardo Moran <richi.moran at gmail.com> wrote:
> Because I'm dumb :)

No way ;-)

> No, actually, I started modifying the #drawOn: method to draw the grid, the
> axis, and all the background. It seemed to me like the right way to do it.
> Then I realized my code wasn't efficient enough so I move the drawing into a
> separate form and I redraw it only when it was necessary. This worked nice
> and I started to draw the data the same way. I didn't see the problem until
> I made the vector stuff.
> Anyway, this is fixed now.

Well, I though it would make sense to use PolygonMorphs. But I thought
you maybe had a reson not to use them :-)

Both project work now


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