[etoys-dev] Network error when trying to load a project from Squeakland server

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 22 10:37:22 EDT 2009

On 22.09.2009, at 15:08, Ricardo Moran wrote:

> Hi, I'm having this error when trying to connect to the server. I'm  
> behind a proxy so I think that could be the problem.

Yes, very likely.

> I tried to set it like this:
> HTTPSocket useProxyServerNamed: '' port: 80.

There is even a UI for this, but only in the hidden world menu (press  
alt-shift-w, choose "open..." and then "http proxy editor").

> But it doesn't seem to have any effect.

DAVClient does neither use HTTPSocket nor its proxy settings, yet.

Please open a ticket on


and add what system you are on, and what kind of proxy you have (e.g.  
there is no support for SOCKS, yet).

FWIW, we do have a plugin to retrieve the system's proxy settings. But  
InternetConfigPlugin is only implemented on the Mac so far. And even  
there we do not enable it, enableInternetConfig is false in the Etoys  
image. Does anyone know why?

- Bert -

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