[etoys-dev] Re: Korean Language in Etoys 4.0 Beta

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Sep 17 14:51:51 EDT 2009

At Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:12:45 +0900,
YunJae Jang wrote:
> Hi Yoshiki & Edward & All !
> Sorry for the late reply.
> uKoreaFont2.out(in http://squeak.kr/data/FontKoreanEnvironment.sar)is okey!  This font is bitmap type.
> And I have four question.
> 1. Can we use the true type font? If we will be able to use ttf, we could send some good ttf(for Hangul).

  I think for the next release, take the code available at:


as the starting point and add necessary support for multi-platform and
some UI and we can confortably switch to a better in-Squeak TrueType
support.  Before that, loading all glyph information in the image is a
bit too expensive in the international setting.  For Japanese version,
there is an image distributed with TTF loaded, and I believe there is
a Korean version like that as well.  Hopefully we can provide a better
basis for such efforts as well.

> 2. How about default font size in Etoys 4.0? 

  The betas at http://squeakland.org/download/ are almost done.  So
you can check them out.  Basically 15 points BitstreamVeraSans is used
for most places.

> 3. Finally, how you apply to Japanese font in Etoys 4.0?

  For the official one, similar to Koreans.  Bundle the bitmap font
for now (but separated Etoys image for Japanese workshop organizers).

> BTW, how long I have time for translation Etoys 4.0?

  One idea is to have 4.0.1 release soon and incorporate the
translations.  But, 4.0 may not be able to have enough translations,

-- Yoshiki

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