[etoys-dev] Squeak Etoys interface with Arduino (first version available)

Ricardo Moran richi.moran at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 16:54:41 EDT 2009

We're proud to announce the first public version of the Squeak Etoys
interface with Arduino.

You can download it from here: http://tecnodacta.com.ar/gira/Arduino.3.rar
It works in Windows and Linux (you will need to make a symlink in Linux to
make it work with Squeak though, see README.txt for more information about
the installation and usage).

I must warn you it's not really finished and it still contains a lot of bugs
I haven't been able to fix.
The one that I find most annoying occurs when you first connect the board
(in Linux it happens every time, actually). If you leave a transcript open,
a few seconds after you click "connect", you'll see the following error
(which I really don't know how to handle so I just copied it to the

a Firmata(xxxx): Error: subscript is out of bounds: 34

After that, the input pins no longer work and you need to "reactivate" them
by reseting the slot "is reading digital pins". Once you've done that, it
works ok.

Anyway, thanks for the interest you've shown in this project, I hope you'll
find it useful.
Any comments, critics, bug fixes, are greatly appreciated.

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