[etoys-dev] remove the free-standing .gif?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Sep 11 15:14:25 EDT 2009

On 11.09.2009, at 20:53, Michael McKelvey wrote:

> Squeak Developers,
> I'm sorry I'm only just replying to this message... I've been out  
> sick all week and am just catching up on email.
> Currently, when Kathleen Harness uploads a project to the  
> EtoysIllinois site, she also uploads the GIF image that is  
> automatically generated upon saving an Etoys project.  If you are  
> talking about a change wherein a PNG file will be created instead of  
> a GIF file, that would be just fine for our purposes.  I am not sure  
> that's what you are talking about, though, as I don't quite  
> understand the following line from the message below:
> "start using the .png thumbnail embedded in the outer .pr file"
> Could someone please describe what the proposed changes would mean  
> for us, particularly since we are running our server using Apache &  
> PHP, not a Squeak-based webserver like a SuperSwiki?  Would we need  
> to be able to somehow extract a PNG file from the PR file?  I'm not  
> sure whether we would be able to do that using PHP.  Thank you very  
> much for any help you can offer us!

You can easily do that on PHP, it is really simple:

An Etoys project file is simply a zip file:
Faust:Etoys bert$ unzip -t Heart.001.pr
Archive:  Heart.001.pr
     testing: Heart.001.pr             OK
     testing: Heart.001.rc.gz          OK
     testing: Heart.html               OK
     testing: manifest                 OK
     testing: thumbnail.png            OK
No errors detected in compressed data of Heart.001.pr.

So to extract the thumbnail, simply do the equivalent of

Faust:Etoys bert$ unzip Heart.001.pr  thumbnail.png
Archive:  Heart.001.pr
  extracting: thumbnail.png

See? Easy :)

- Bert -

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