[etoys-dev] More beta coming for 2009summer release?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Sep 10 04:27:33 EDT 2009

On 10.09.2009, at 10:14, Korakurider wrote:

> Hello.
> I 've noticed recent POT change for saving dialog etc in 2279.
> POs on Pootle right now is 2258 based.
> Will we have opportunity to translate the strings and test them in
> beta for 2009 (late) summer release,

I thought so, that's why I pushed the POT. But Sayamindu needs to  
merge it into the POs. Sayamindu, can you do that soon, please?

> or will we need to wait for next development cycle (winter release) as
> we missed the key milestone?

Hope not. Unfortunately the showcase stuff is a very late addition :(

- Bert -

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