[etoys-dev] showcase snags

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Wed Sep 9 09:57:24 EDT 2009

Yoshiki et al,

Some snags we've found while trying out the login/upload functionality  
from the dev image . . .

1) when you click on "My Showcase", then login, you have to click "My  
Showcase" again for the files to show up

2) when you log in with a username that has capital letters, it  
silently fails (seems to be logged in, but doesn't work) . . . simple  
solution here is to turn showcase usernames to all lowercase (that's  
how they're stored).  FYI, the website sign-in is case-insensitve, so  
case is never a problem there . . . I don't know why WebDAV isn't,  
particularly since it's using the same database lookup.  (Even Basic  
Auth on the website is case-insensitive, which is what WebDAV use, so  
I'm baffled.)

3) As a more general variant of #2 . . . bad logins of all kinds don't  
return an error . . . nevermind the case insensitive thing, i type a  
bogus username or password after clicking "My Showcase" and it seems  
to work.  When I click on "My Showcase" again, it shows "Login  
Failed."  If I click again, it lets my type again.   We should have  
the failed box show directly after login attempt.

4) Assuming #3 is fixed, I'm concerned that users would have to know  
to click "My Squeakland" again to try another login, particularly  
since "My Squeakland" is selected.  Would be much nicer to show "Login  
failed, try again" type thing, though I'd settle for having the  
selection cleared, so the user would at least have a visual cue that  
the directory isn't selected.

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