[etoys-dev] logging into showcase from etoys

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Tue Sep 8 09:08:29 EDT 2009

On Sep 8, 2009, at 8:47 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>  I thought the consensus was to have just a nickname, email, and  
> password?

Actually, this is the way it looks when you currently subscribe to the  
newsletter.  The tell us about yourself is very useful, and nearly  
everyone uses it.   The information doesn't appear anywhere on the  

I have to enable the username / password fields, which aren't done on  
the main website.  It'll still work from within Etoys though.  (the  
fields are simply hidden from view).

> Also, the inverted checkboxes in the bottom feel sneaky, why not  
> have them checked by default and remove the "don't"? And "Start  
> Over" / "Save Changes" do not exactly sound like this is creating an  
> account - "Clear Fields" / "Create Account" would better fit what I  
> assume is done.

Yes, the checkboxes are reversed.  It's an artifact from an earlier  
technical glitch . . . I can still see if it's relevant.  No  
sneakiness implied.  BTW, these boxes don't even show on the public  
subscribe to newsletter page, so you're seeing stuff that no one yet  

> Or am I on the wrong page?
> - Bert -
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