[etoys-dev] Etoys in Fedora 11

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Sep 7 20:47:59 EDT 2009

I finally upgraded my Sugar dev machine to Fedora 11 (well actually I  
had to reinstall, but that's another story).

And I found that Etoys is there, ready for installation like any other  
Linux software, and it works great! Thank you, Gavin!

I put screenshots of the installation process here:


The only issue I noticed with Etoys itself was that it was mis- 
categorized, in both the Software updater (was "Other desktops",  
should be "Education") and the Application menu (is "Sound & Video",  
should be "Education").

The browser plugin was not enabled automatically, I put workaround  
instructions in the How-To above. It just misses two symlinks. The  
proper way in a package postscript would be something like this I guess:

in squeak-vm:
alternatives --install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/npsqueak.so  
npsqueak.so /usr/lib/squeak/3.10-5/npsqueak.so 10000

in etoys:
alternatives --install /usr/share/squeak/SqueakPlugin.image  
SqueakPlugin.image /usr/share/etoys/etoys.image 20000

The other odd issue is that installing the squeak-vm package adds a  
menu entry for "MySqueak" for no apparent reason. If it was named  
"Squeak" and when launched offered a way to open an image then this  
would make some sense, but for now it does nothing. The next release  
of the Squeak VM will actually display such a dialog (but still it  
should be renamed):


- Bert -

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