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kathleen wrote:
> I am concerned about the amount of information asked for that includes first and last names and email address and the open-ended "tell us about yourself". If this process is for adults, ignore the rest of this note.

Good point, Kathleen.  I was using the same signup form from squeakfest registration.  We have three options . . .

1) remove firstName, lastName, and comment altogether

2) make it clear to leave such information out if under 18 or so

3) collect the information anyway, but don't show it publicly on the website

Currently no profile information shows on the website except username.  The Scratch site also allows your location "Bethlehem PA" and an image, which can either be a photo or avatar.  Scratch gives no obvious warnings about uploading a photo of yourself, that I can find.

For now, I'd stick with email address, username, and password(s) in Etoys.  If people want to add more, they can update their profile.

The sad part is that this information (where they're from, what organization they're part of, why they like Etoys), is very interesting and useful information for us to collect.

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