[etoys-dev] Re: logging into showcase from etoys

teefal etoys-dev-forum at squeakland.org
Sat Sep 5 07:54:48 EDT 2009

teefal wrote:
> At Fri, 4 Sep 2009 11:52:56 -0400,
> Ah, this may help ... file-in the attached changeset from Yoshiki, and  
> "do" the following code:

yoshiki wrote:
> Can you elaborate what you meant by "this may help"?  Which part of
> what you described above is helped?

This = including the fileout and code to use to set up the servers, so that we're on the same page.

> In any case, before making the actual uploading and login works,
> talking about tweaking UI may not be the priority.

It works, except for the points I made above.   The problems are with user interface primarily.
-- Yoshiki
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