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Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Fri Sep 4 11:52:56 EDT 2009

On Sep 4, 2009, at 11:47 AM, Timothy Falconer wrote:

> Yoshiki, et al,
> The current holdup is that I'm trying to get two different types of  
> authentication to co-exist on the website .... form-based (login  
> page) and HTTP basic (username/password).
> The rest of the website uses the former and the WebDAV stuff in  
> Etoys uses the latter.  I'm trying a few different things to get  
> them to co-exist in the same host, later I'll create a new host just  
> for the WebDAV.
> The key to understand what I'm doing here is that I want WebDAV to  
> use the same account information as the rest of the website, so you  
> can signup on the website and use your username/password within Etoys.
> You can try testing now . . . I've turned authentication to basic  
> for now on the main website, which will only affect admin users for  
> now (a dialog box appears instead of the login page).
> A few points about the way it currently works within Etoys.
> 1. I'd much prefer a login box with both username and password than  
> a separate prompt for username and password.
> 2. I'd skip the second username box for "Squeakland Showcase" . . .  
> just assume "etoys" unless someone has already logged in by clicking  
> "My Squeakland".
> 3. There's no indication of a failed login, it simply shows a blank  
> list ... (try typing random stuff after clicking "My Squeakland" ...  
> also try your website username and password)
> 4. there's no way to try your login again (as if you type your  
> password wrong) . . . it just uses the old wrong password ... you  
> have to quit Etoys and try again
> 5. I keep having to give my account name as I drill down into the  
> directory hierachy in "Squeakland Showcase"
> 6. If I start by clicking "Squeakland Showcase", I have to give my  
> username three times before I get to my password
> 7. The personal directory isn't created if not found ... I'd rather  
> only create them when the user uploads something for the first time  
> (otherwise we'll have more dirs than we need).   I can do this with  
> a servlet, but it would be nice to use WebDAV instead, if possible.
> 8. (optional, SQ-325) A button called "login" in the keep and load  
> box, probably in the bottom left.   This would let users explicitly  
> login (replace it with their username once logged in)
> 9. (optional, SQ-326) A button on the login box that said  
> "Signup" (it's free!), which led to a dialog box that had:
> Username
> Password
> Password Again
> First Name
> Last Name
> Email
> Tell us about yourself (with text box)
> See the issue for Java code that handles the signup . . . should be  
> clear how it's done so you can translate to Squeak.

Ah, this may help ... file-in the attached changeset from Yoshiki, and  
"do" the following code:

Utilities authorName: nil.

d _ DAVMultiUserServerDirectory on: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav/'.
d altUrl: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav/'.
d moniker: 'My Squeakland'.
d acceptsUploads: true.
d setupSelector: #setupPersonalDirectory:.
ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'My Squeakland' put: d.

d _ DAVMultiUserServerDirectory on: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav/'.
d altUrl: 'http://squeakland.org/webdav/'.
d moniker: 'Squeakland Showcase'.
d user: 'etoys'.
d password: 'kaeuqs'.
d useDefaultAccount: true.
d acceptsUploads: true.
ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'Squeakland Showcase' put: d.

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