[etoys-dev] logging into showcase from etoys

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Fri Sep 4 11:47:58 EDT 2009

Yoshiki, et al,

The current holdup is that I'm trying to get two different types of  
authentication to co-exist on the website .... form-based (login page)  
and HTTP basic (username/password).

The rest of the website uses the former and the WebDAV stuff in Etoys  
uses the latter.  I'm trying a few different things to get them to co- 
exist in the same host, later I'll create a new host just for the  

The key to understand what I'm doing here is that I want WebDAV to use  
the same account information as the rest of the website, so you can  
signup on the website and use your username/password within Etoys.

You can try testing now . . . I've turned authentication to basic for  
now on the main website, which will only affect admin users for now (a  
dialog box appears instead of the login page).

A few points about the way it currently works within Etoys.

1. I'd much prefer a login box with both username and password than a  
separate prompt for username and password.

2. I'd skip the second username box for "Squeakland Showcase" . . .  
just assume "etoys" unless someone has already logged in by clicking  
"My Squeakland".

3. There's no indication of a failed login, it simply shows a blank  
list ... (try typing random stuff after clicking "My Squeakland" ...  
also try your website username and password)

4. there's no way to try your login again (as if you type your  
password wrong) . . . it just uses the old wrong password ... you have  
to quit Etoys and try again

5. I keep having to give my account name as I drill down into the  
directory hierachy in "Squeakland Showcase"

6. If I start by clicking "Squeakland Showcase", I have to give my  
username three times before I get to my password

7. The personal directory isn't created if not found ... I'd rather  
only create them when the user uploads something for the first time  
(otherwise we'll have more dirs than we need).   I can do this with a  
servlet, but it would be nice to use WebDAV instead, if possible.

8. (optional, SQ-325) A button called "login" in the keep and load  
box, probably in the bottom left.   This would let users explicitly  
login (replace it with their username once logged in)

9. (optional, SQ-326) A button on the login box that said  
"Signup" (it's free!), which led to a dialog box that had:



Password Again

First Name

Last Name


Tell us about yourself (with text box)

See the issue for Java code that handles the signup . . . should be  
clear how it's done so you can translate to Squeak.

Anyway, I have to remedy the dual-authentication problem soon.

Take care,

Timothy Falconer
Immuexa Corporation

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