[etoys-dev] What about shipping DrGeo in Etoys?

Timothy Falconer timothy at squeakland.org
Fri Sep 4 09:27:59 EDT 2009

On Sep 4, 2009, at 6:37 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On 31.08.2009, at 18:52, Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>> Timing wise, I think that the inclusion should happen right after
>> the "September release".  What do others think?
> The education team has just given their okay to include it:
> http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/2009/09/03/education+team+meeting+September%2C+3
> What I remember of the DrGeo code is that it is a clear add-on and  
> should not interfere with the rest. So it should be fairly safe to  
> include even at this point, provided it happens really soon and gets  
> at least some testing.
> Hilaire, you would have to prepare a change set we can push to the  
> update stream, very soon. Please attach it to the ticket I created  
> (couldn't find a previous one):
> http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-324

One question that wasn't resolved during the ed meeting was, where  
should we put it?

The general consensus was to put it in "Basic" in the object  
catalogue, since "Particles" was there.

Some disagreement about what the word basic meant:

basic = general ?

basic = easy ?

basic = fundamental ?

basic = I can't figure where else to put it ?

We might think of another category for both Kedama & Dr Geo and future  
"deep stuff".

Serious Play ?


... apps unto themselves ... don't know :)

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