[etoys-dev] jira re-arrangement

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Sep 4 05:42:37 EDT 2009

On 31.08.2009, at 15:46, Timothy Falconer wrote:
> When you click "resolve", the word "complete" means, "my work is  
> complete".  With small groups, we simply re-open the issue when  
> someone's test doesn't pass.


do we want to always resolve when there is a change set? See chat log  

[04.09.09 11:11:15] Bert: hi scott: when you attach a fix to jira, our  
workflow now demands to resolve the ticket. all resolved but not-yet- 
closed tickets are the ones that need testing. This actually makes  
some sense ;) http://wiki.squeakland.org/display/sq/Process
[04.09.09 11:12:19] Scott: yes, I know that, though I haven't been  
practicing it much ;-)
[04.09.09 11:12:58] Bert: ah, okay. I thought you forgot, seeing the  
new attachments
[04.09.09 11:16:08] Scott: not always clear what to do.  e.g.  SQ-267,  
i posted a fileout that carries out the suggestion of the ticket, but  
no one ever commented on the ticket, no one ever said yes we should do  
this.  So I put the fileout onto the ticket but didn't want to  
"resolve" it without there being some agreement that it was something  
we wanted.
[04.09.09 11:17:21] Bert: I understand, but that's only the next step.  
Resolving means putting up for review now
[04.09.09 11:17:53] Bert: and the milestone should be changed to the  
current one too if we want to deal with it soon.
[04.09.09 11:19:15] Scott: So in the case of sq-267 you think I should  
"resolve" it?
[04.09.09 11:20:23] Bert: yes, and move to summer release, and assign  
to yourself, all in one go
[04.09.09 11:20:57] Bert: that's all in the "resolve" page
[04.09.09 11:24:36] Scott: In terms of the "proess" page, however, I'd  
say that Sq-267 might count as still being in the Sifting phase,  
because people have not commented on it; it's a ui change that adds  
more items to the precious supplies-bin real-estate.   And if we do  
decide we want it, the choice of where the two new items should appear  
in the supplies bin will have to be made (my fileout puts them at the  
end).  Is this all really stuff that should count as "resolved"?
[04.09.09 11:27:38] Bert: it's resolved in a way. whether we like it  
or not is up for discussion. the discussion starts by marking it  
resolved, it's easier to discuss code. you should put exactly what you  
just wrote into the resolve comment. it feels odd I agree, but we may  
just say yep, that's good enough, ship it.
[04.09.09 11:28:07] Scott: okay -- thanks.

And since this affects the UI in a way, how do we get someone of the  
edu team to look at it? They rarely (if ever) comment on issues. It's  
also not part of the workflow you proposed.

- Bert -

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