[etoys-dev] Players and costumes

Karl Ramberg karlramberg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 16:30:40 EDT 2009

On 2009-09-01 10:26, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On 01.09.2009, at 04:07, tracker at squeakland.org wrote:
>> Scott Wallace updated SQ-288:
>> -----------------------------
>>    Attachment: lookLikeBug-sw.2.cs.gz
>> Version 2 uploaded:
>> (a) Restricts the 'look like' tile to be available only in the 
>> viewers of Sketches; this makes it still compatible with the 
>> "powerful ideas" book, and with other support materials, while not 
>> tempting users to deploy it with non-sketch receivers.
>> (b) 'look like' execution now consists of assigning a new graphic, 
>> rather than touching the buggy and dangerous morph-substitution code 
>> of old.  This avoids the pernicious bug that is the subject of this 
>> ticket.
> So that means a player cannot change its custome anymore, right? Isn't 
> that a fundamental change in the Etoys philosophy?
> If players and costumes are inseparable, why even talk about them 
> separately? It would appear as if we now have different kinds of 
> players, when before there was only one kind. How would we communicate 
> the player-costume relationship then? Or do we just say that's an 
> implementation detail?
> - Bert -

For some morphs it would be kind of  weird for  to change costume; 
PasteUpMorph, BookMorph, PianoKeyboard etc...
I kind of agree that the similarity notion should be all the way down, 
but without some behavior/ editing capabilities default in the system it 
can become a hinder instead of a  steppingstone.


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