[sq-education] Re: [etoys-dev] popups in project-info

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Sep 1 06:27:37 EDT 2009

On 01.09.2009, at 05:13, K. K. Subramaniam wrote:

> On Monday 31 Aug 2009 10:45:40 pm Timothy Falconer wrote:
>> Think ... 1000 projects and I have twenty minutes to try 5
>> projects ... I'm a 3rd grade teacher in the united states wondering
>> how I could include Etoys throughout my school day.
>> 500 different ways of saying 3rd grade will all but prevent that
>> person from finding 5 great projects in 20 minutes.
> This is a search problem that won't be solved with just tagging.  
> Projects are
> not precisely structured records like database records. They are  
> free form
> documents.
> A few weeks back Yoshiki pointed that he found "EToysLauncher  
> openPanel" slow
> because he had a few hundred projects in a folder. The method opened  
> each
> project file to extract a thumbnail and collect them in a book!
> What is needed to tackle such problem is an auto-indexer and search  
> tool, say
> ProjectIndexMorph, that will index project collections in a folder  
> (server)
> and display their thumbnails in a holder or book. It can have a  
> filter field to
> narrow down displayed thumbnails and a refresh method to update the  
> index
> when projects are updated (this can also be done automatically).
> Now, teachers can search for projects that have, say "velocity",  
> somewhere in
> their text morphs or meta-data. It will take no more than a minute  
> to search
> 1000 projects.
> Subbu

In fact I proposed to add this to the project on save before:


Makes indexing quite a bit simpler.

- Bert -

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