[etoys-dev] Re: What are the supported protocol to upload projet

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Sat Oct 24 10:38:19 EDT 2009

As I wrote previously a recent fix allows to view FTP server to load
project (not tested but can see the ftp contents).

Now to write to the FTP server code need to be changed aswell

For example changing ServerDirecotry>>isProjectSwiki to return true

Otherwise it make the FTP server not visible in the Save project dialog.

However, not sure it is the acceptable way to change it.

Is swiki code still relevant?


2009/10/24 Ted Kaehler <Ted at vpri.org>:
> Hilaire,
>        We do support FTP.  That code is very ancient.  Can you find another
> part of Squeak that does speak to your server.  How about a standard
> FileList looking at a known FTP server?
> --Ted.
> At 3:25 PM +0200 10/24/09, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
>> I figure out it is possible to add FTP server from the small icon in
>> the Load project dialog of Etoys.
>> It is asked to fill and execute the code below.
>> Next when I add my own FTP server, I got an "unknow error" or a
>> "TelnetProtocolError: 501 Invalid number of arguments"
>> Hilaire
>> "Please fill in the following info, then select all text and choose DoIt."
>>        | aa |
>>        self flag: #ViolateNonReferenceToOtherClasses.
>>        aa _ ServerDirectory new.
>>        aa server: 'st.cs.uiuc.edu'.    "host"
>>        aa user: 'anonymous'.
>>        aa password: 'yourEmail at school.edu'.
>>        aa directory: '/Smalltalk/Squeak/Goodies'.
>>        aa url: ''.    "<- this is optional.  Only used when *writing*
>> update files."
>>        ServerDirectory addServer: aa named: 'UIUCArchive'.  "<- known by
>> this name in Squeak"
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