[etoys-dev] Final release candidate

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Oct 13 20:24:32 EDT 2009

Etoys4-RC4 is shortly going to be up on


Please test thoroughly, we will release this as is unless a really  
critical issue is found this week!

Known Issues (to be included in Release Notes)

* Uploading a project from Etoys to Squeakland does not work if you  
are behind a proxy. Please use a Web Browser to upload projects in  
this case.
* If you encounter issues in the Web Browser Plugin, try clicking the  
Full Screen button in the Etoys tool bar. This can fix animation  
sluggishness, as well as wrong key or button mappings.
* Macintosh: On Snow Leopard, the Web Browser Plugin works unreliable  
in Safari. We recommend to use Firefox in the mean time.

Changelog since first release candidate:

4.0.2334 (13 Oct 2009)
* fourth release candidate
* fix a problem uploading to SuperSwiki
* fix malformed uri in project manifest

4.0.2332 (6 Oct 2009)
* third release candidate
* updated translations: fr, ja
* store reference to previous project when a project is re-uploaded
* smaller font size for textual scripts
* fix translating of value types and function tiles
* fix bearing-to and distance-to in Test pane

4.0.2325 (29 Sep 2009)
* second release candidate
* updated translations: de, es, fr, ko, mn
* updated example projects
* attempt to fix the erratic "project can't be saved because of  
blocks" warning
* fix missing languages on the Mac when launched by double-clicking a  
* fix lost formatting when copying and pasting text on the Mac
* show "Haitian Creole" instead of "ht" in language menu
* supply parentheses around 'bearing to' and 'distance to' so  
expressions can be extended
* prevent tool bar from accidental deletion
* Mac VM updated to 4.2.2b1: built under 10.6, fix memory leaks,  
scrolling, serial ports

- Bert -

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