[etoys-dev] together again (was: How to get a nice EToys based development environment?)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Thu Oct 1 18:48:54 EDT 2009

Andreas Raab asked:

> I'm not sure if we have the resources to do this quickly but I'd like at 
> least to raise the question to see how people feel about it. Is this 
> even option?

While I can't contribute any resources at the moment, this is a very
high priority for me. I tried to start a discussion about a merged Etoys
and Squeak shortly before the Squeak board election.

Not all Etoys haters have gone away, but I see no reason why they can't
put up with an official Squeak containing Etoys plus a script to remove
them. The ideal would be a tiny kernel into which things could be loaded
but that is not going to happen right now so this option will have to

If I remember correctly, Squeak had split into several forks at the time
of 3.7: official, Squeakland, SmallLand, Japanese and Croquet. Thanks to
the hard work of several people, the first four were merged into the
official 3.8 and with more work by other people Croquet was brought into
sync with this.

My small experience with looking at the licensing changes in Pharo makes
me think that a current Squeak trunk / Etoys merge might actually be a
bit harder to do than Squeak 3.8 (a point Keith always insists on), but
this could be just my lack of familiarity with Monticello.

It would be great if the gap between programming in Etoys and in
Smalltalk-80 could become smaller and smaller in the future and it would
be a pity to add having to switch between images to that gap.

-- Jecel

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