[etoys-dev] Build 47: Still Problem Updating to latest Etoys [Was: Fwd: New F11 for XO-1.5 build 47]

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Nov 30 04:24:45 EST 2009

On 30.11.2009, at 05:44, Milan Zimmermann wrote:
> I installed latest firmware Q3A16, and the latest build 47 (confirmed it shows 
> that way in the control panel)
> Went to update software, Etoys showed as updating:
> From version 100 to 108
> So that seems still wrong.  After update, the 
> /home/olpc/Activities/Etoys.activity/activity.info reports 
> activity_version=100, which is also weird, because when running Etoys, they 
> report vuild 2337 which from what I can tell is Etoys112.

I just forgot to update the XO bundle version at


The latest, as you noticed, is 112:


The .xo bundle did not change at all between these versions (in fact, not for a year or so). The only file that changes in it is the NEWS file. I should stop updating the bundle because it is unnecessary - new etoys versions for the XO require a new rpm, not a new xo bundle. I just don't have a good idea what the versioning scheme for the bundle should look like.

> Is it just me, and 
> is trac on http://dev.laptop.org/query still the right place to report OS 
> issues?

That's the place.

> Milan

Thanks for testing!

- Bert -

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