[etoys-dev] Fwd: [Sugar-devel] Roadmap to 0.88 --- Proposal

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire.fernandes at edu.ge.ch
Mon Nov 23 12:46:12 EST 2009

> That said, I agree it would be great to have a version including DrGeo ready for Sugar 0.88. At least we might get some more testing that way. And since Sugar itself is not stable yet, we could release a development version around the time - provided we don't break too much until then. We simply need to declare a certain interim Etoys version the "official" one for that Sugar release. Another option would be to follow the Sugar release cycle more closely.
> For the XO 1.5 we need to have a stable version. Currently it looks like that's going to be Etoys 4 + critical fixes (that is, only SQ-565 so far). Unless OLPC slips past the Etoys 5 release, of course ;)

Shipping DrGeo into this Etoys version for XO 1.5 should not break any
things. It has been used in a dedicated etoys image since several
months, both for XO or PC.  Of course we'd want it to be documented,
but this is another story.


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