[etoys-dev] Re: When I remix a project can't make public in showcase

Bert etoys-dev-forum at squeakland.org
Thu Nov 12 06:10:59 EST 2009

mrsteve wrote:
> I can't make my project public, it occurs when I remix an already uploaded project and change the project name.
> I was able to recreate the problem and entered a Issue in tracker http://tracker.squeakland.org/browse/SQ-546
> Here are the steps: 
> 1) I uploaded "The Sadie Show", 
> 2) I remixed (added one picture) and uploaded with the Project Name:"The Fred Show" 
> 3) I logged (to the Website) and made "The Fred Show" public 
> 4) I went to showcase Everyone and viewed by date and saw "The Fred Show" 
> 5) I logged out and went back to Showcase Everyone and viewed by Date and did NOT see "The Fred Show" 
> FYI, when Logged into the website, "The Fred Show" shows that it is a remix of "The Sadie Show" nice touch and this is a good use of the URI being constant. 
> Please Help I can't make my project "Fraction Tools" public in the Showcase, if I can't I would appreciate an Administrator fixed the issue for this one project.

Agreed. IMHO when uploading a new version with a different name it should *not* overwrite the older version. Hiding/deleting undesired versions should be a manual process.

IMHO changing the title usually means it is a new project that should not overwrite the older one. At least it does no harm except that older versions are still visible. What's wrong with that?

- Bert -

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