[etoys-dev] Switching update stream

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Nov 9 18:50:02 EST 2009

Hi Tim,

we talked about moving the update stream today. Here's how to make the  
image use the new server for testing.

To replace the old update server in the image:

	| d |
	d := DAVServerDirectory on: 'http://host.domain/path/updates'.
	d altUrl: 'http://host.domain/path/updates'.
	d moniker: 'Squeakland'.
	d user: 'username'.

	Utilities classPool at: #UpdateUrlLists put: nil.
	ServerDirectory inImageServers keysDo: [:k | ServerDirectory  
inImageServers removeKey: k].
	ServerDirectory inImageServers at: 'Squeakland' put: d.
	Utilities updateUrlLists add: (Array with: 'Squeakland' with: # 

To switch to the new version's stream:

	SystemVersion newVersion: 'etoys4.1'.

- Bert -

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