[etoys-dev] Re: Help with EXECUTE QuickGuideGenerator

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Fri Nov 6 11:10:53 EST 2009

Thanks Sdenka, I already commented on the ticket:


We still need a way to actually switch between languages, for now  
there is only the single QuickGuides folder:


There is indeed some "trouble" with the non-ASCII file names. They are  
in latin1 I believe. How did you create the zip, and on what system?

But you do not have to re-upload them, I already did that. The  
following is meant for the other developers ;)

The default unpacker on the Mac creates garbage:


The "unzip" command line tool creates escape sequences:


With a small script I was able to rename them to utf-8:


But I'm not sure this will work across platforms? Maybe we should use  
utf-8 quoting:


I uploaded the renamed and quoted guides to the ticket.

Or maybe we do not want to use the file names for the displayed name  
at all? Maybe we need a text file listing the titles and file names.  
That might solve the order problem (currently #suggestedOrder is only  
for English titles).

Currently, replacing the English guides with Sdenka's fails, because  
#defaultOrderIn: does not deal with the case that none of the guides  
in #suggestedOrder is found. Easy to fix but then the order is  
basically random I guess.

Also, not sure about replacing / translating the index.

Would be good if someone could work on this, now that we have  
translations we should make them available to kids.

- Bert -

On 06.11.2009, at 03:43, OLPC Puno wrote:

> Dear Bert:
> I’ve got this key
> Key: SQ-555
> Type:  Improvement
> Status:  Open
> Priority:  Normal
> Reporter: Sdenka Salas
> I uploaded the 62 Quick Guide projects translated into Spanish, I  
> only left the Index file name without translation because is a Stem  
> (its name in Spanish would be “Indice”), but I translated its content.
> Tell me if there is any trouble with files using the Spanish Accent  
> and Symbols, like:
> -BooksMosaicos-Navegación.sexp.data.gz
> -HaloCentro-de-Rotación.sexp.data.gz
> -HaloMenú.sexp.data.gz
> -HaloTamaño-Color-Copiar.sexp.data.gz
> -MenuAgárrame-Muéstrame.sexp.data.gz
> -MenuBotón-activa-Guión.sexp.data.gz
> -MenuPapel-Gráfico.sexp.data.gz
> -PaintCírculo.sexp.data.gz
> -PaintLínea-Recta.sexp.data.gz
> -PaintPolígono.sexp.data.gz
> -ScriptTileDirección.sexp.data.gz
> -ScriptTileUbicación.sexp.data.gz
> -ScriptTileUso-del-Lápiz.sexp.data.gz
> The other files, not listed here, shouldn't have any problem.
> Kind regards,
> Sdenka
> 2009/10/30 Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>
> On 30.10.2009, at 19:12, olpcpuno wrote:
> Dear Subbu:
> Thank you very much, I like how this community works when somebody  
> needs help. I finished the translation into Spanish of the Quick  
> Guides. Is there a repository where to put the sept files? or Should  
> I send them to some person in charge to include this files in the  
> next Etoys release?
> Warm regards from Peru,
> Sdenka
> Best would be if you create a ticket at
>        http://tracker.squeakland.org/
> and attach a zip of the guides to the ticket.
> Thanks!
> - Bert -

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