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Rita Freudenberg rita at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Fri Mar 20 06:15:34 EDT 2009

Ted Kaehler wrote:
> Rita,
> 	After much discussion last year, we decided that Quick Guides 
> would not be translated in the normal Etoys way.  The layout of the 
> text on the small pages of the Guides is important, and automatic 
> translation was not working well for that.
> 	The way to translate is to copy a guide out of the flap with 
> the green handle, edit the text, and then save the current project 
> using the same name as the project.  
Here you mean the same name of the file in the QuickGuides-folder? So I 
name a project "NavBarKeepFindProjects.pr" for instance?

> I then convert these to .sexp 
> format.  Unconverted project files in the QuickGuides folder also 
> work.  You can try out your new guides that way.
> 	To use the guides in German, replace the QuickGuides folder 
> with a new one that has German guide projects in it.
Hm, it doesn't work with two unconverted project files. I tried the 
above mentionend file and another one and put them in an extra folder. 
Then I replaced the original folder with my small one, but when I click 
on an item in the help flap, nothing happens. In the english version, I 
get a menu with two options to choose from and that menu did not appear 
with my small german folder. I attach the two translated projects with 
this mail, perhaps there is something else I did wrong?


> Bert,
> 	Yes, I am the person who knows how to prepare guides for the 
> release.  I make them in to .sexp files and put them in a folder. 
> You then commit the folder to SVN, and do the normal build process. 
> (I'll need to look at my notes and remember all of this.)
> --Ted.

Rita Freudenberg
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

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