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Nikolay Suslov nsuslovi at
Fri Jul 31 03:24:57 EDT 2009

It works great (Cyrilic text input and output) !
Tested using Etoys-To-Go on Windows Vista.

Thanks so much,

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at> wrote:

> Hi -
> I've integrated Bert's fix as well as support for .ttc collections:
> While working on this I realized how outdated the etoys image is when it
> comes to TTF support. I was trying to bring in some other necessary fixes
> but that wouldn't work at all, so I've added a filed out version of
> from 3.10.2-trunk which has all the necessary fixes but probably
> some other issues. With this version things *almost* work:
> * Install TTFileDescription.5.cs
> * Install
> * Install WhiteSpaceFixes.2.cs
> (oh, stupid, stupid JIRA - it does not preserve the ordering in which files
> were added and you cannot order by date even in "manage attachments" mode;
> make sure you do *not* load since it's outdated)
> * If on Windows, execute:
>    TTFileDescription installFamilyNamed: 'Batang'.
> (this is a standard font on Windows which has CJK support)
> * Change the standard menu font to Batang
> * Switch the image to Japanese language
> At this point the image blows up somewhere in
> TextMorph>>authoringPrototype. But if you proceed and open a menu it shows
> CJK-ish looking characters (not that I could tell if it's correct ;-)
> In any case, using the current versions of TTCFont in 3.10.2-trunk I was
> able to produce the attached image which shows a bit of text from Squeak's
> wikipedia entry in various languages.
> Yoshiki - for some strange reason it seems that some of the glyphs in the
> Japanese entry are substituded by the default glyph (see the fourth glyph in
> what I think is the phonetic transcription of Squeak).
> Do you have any idea if that is the expected behavior for Batang or if
> there might be something wrong? It would be good if we could get the text in
> Squeak to show up correctly, and I'm at a loss here since I have no idea
> even what code ranges to look at ;-)
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas
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