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Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Fri Jul 31 02:31:02 EDT 2009

Hi -

I've integrated Bert's fix as well as support for .ttc collections:

While working on this I realized how outdated the etoys image is when it 
comes to TTF support. I was trying to bring in some other necessary 
fixes but that wouldn't work at all, so I've added a filed out version 
of from 3.10.2-trunk which has all the necessary fixes but 
probably some other issues. With this version things *almost* work:

* Install TTFileDescription.5.cs
* Install
* Install WhiteSpaceFixes.2.cs

(oh, stupid, stupid JIRA - it does not preserve the ordering in which 
files were added and you cannot order by date even in "manage 
attachments" mode; make sure you do *not* load 
since it's outdated)

* If on Windows, execute:

     TTFileDescription installFamilyNamed: 'Batang'.

(this is a standard font on Windows which has CJK support)

* Change the standard menu font to Batang
* Switch the image to Japanese language

At this point the image blows up somewhere in 
TextMorph>>authoringPrototype. But if you proceed and open a menu it 
shows CJK-ish looking characters (not that I could tell if it's correct ;-)

In any case, using the current versions of TTCFont in 3.10.2-trunk I was 
able to produce the attached image which shows a bit of text from 
Squeak's wikipedia entry in various languages.

Yoshiki - for some strange reason it seems that some of the glyphs in 
the Japanese entry are substituded by the default glyph (see the fourth 
glyph in what I think is the phonetic transcription of Squeak).

Do you have any idea if that is the expected behavior for Batang or if 
there might be something wrong? It would be good if we could get the 
text in Squeak to show up correctly, and I'm at a loss here since I have 
no idea even what code ranges to look at ;-)

   - Andreas
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