Fonts (was Re: [etoys-dev] Wording in Clouds)

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Jul 30 19:30:15 EDT 2009

On 30.07.2009, at 09:35, Andreas Raab wrote:

> If you have some "interesting" TTFs, please try them out. I'm  
> interesting in finding fonts that don't work and debug them.

I'm trying to remember which font I needed this for, but I encountered  
one that used vertex-references to define composite glyphs (a case  
that in the old reader was implemented as "self halt"). These were  
only in the > 256 char code range so the problem did not manifest  
before. It might have been dejavu-lgc bold or italic I think.

For this I had to defer the #buildContours call until all glyphs were  
processed, otherwise the vertex indices were off. Attaching my  
(possibly outdated) code.

- Bert -

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