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Bert Freudenberg bert at
Thu Jul 30 15:51:02 EDT 2009

Well, "unusual" is a rather kind characterization of it ;)

JIRA is a widely used professional bug tracker, and Immuexa is  
sponsoring and maintaining this instance for us. Most of us are still  
not comfortable with it though. I think Milan tried to document a bit  
of it here:

- Bert -

On 30.07.2009, at 17:17, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Hi Bert -
> The tracker seems a bit unusual ;-) I have finally found the the  
> "code to test for publication" (for others: click on "browse  
> project" and then for some reason it is listed under "versions") but  
> then I'm lost because I see no way to add a new issue. Help!
> Cheers,
>  - Andreas
> Bert Freudenberg wrote:
>> On 30.07.2009, at 09:35, Andreas Raab wrote:
>>> Okay, here is a first draft (is there an Etoys repository to  
>>> commit to?).
>> We're still defining our processes. For now, upload a changeset to
>> and put it into "code to test for publication". Once it gets a  
>> positive peer review, one of the committers puts it into the update  
>> stream. Current committers are the members of the "software team",  
>> see
>>> Not bad for an evening's work if I may say so myself ;-)
>> Will try later, but sounds good :)
>> - Bert -
>>> TTFileDescription does the same thing that TTFontDescription does  
>>> but operates directly on the files. Download Dejavu and then (for  
>>> example) execute:
>>> TTFileDescription installTextStyleFrom: 'DejaVuSans.ttf'.
>>> or if you like Arial better:
>>> TTFileDescription installTextStyleFrom: 'C:\Windows\Fonts 
>>> \arial.ttf'.
>>> Then choose the font from the font menu (Alt-k). I have been able  
>>> to use Latin, Cyrillic and Greek text together just fine, see  
>>> screenshot. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make CJK scripts  
>>> work; I'm not sure if these aren't included in the normal fonts  
>>> I'm using or if something's broke. Yoshiki, can you check this?
>>> To my big surprise TTFileDescription is even relatively fast - it  
>>> renders a glyph in roughly a millisecond which makes it a  
>>> perfectly reasonable choice to use instead of TTFontDescription.  
>>> Remaining issues are the lack of housekeeping (if you move the  
>>> image or the font, you are hosed), the issue that DisplayScanner  
>>> still tries to render white spaces (tab, cr, etc all show up as  
>>> boxes) and more testing.
>>> If you have some "interesting" TTFs, please try them out. I'm  
>>> interesting in finding fonts that don't work and debug them.
>>> Cheers,
>>> - Andreas
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