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Nikolay Suslov nsuslovi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 11:08:26 EDT 2009

Hello, Yoshiki!

It seems to be that Russian language does not work yet (using Etoys-To-Go),
when changing the language from the tools bar, it tries to install the fonts
(FontRussianEnvironment.sar), but they are missed, return an error.

However, the Russian translation is:

Make A Project:  Начать новый проект
Gallery of Projects:  Галерея проектов
Tutorials And Demos:   Уроки и примеры

Nikolay Suslov

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org> wrote:

>  Hello,
>  A complaint from many users in South America was that the wordings
> in the clouds in the initial screen.  As we've shown at the
> Squeakfest, at least for "simple" languages like Portugese and Spanish
> and etc., we can just embed the translation in the text morphs.
>  For a starter, please send us the Portugese and Spanish translation
> (and others) for:
>  - Make A Project
>  - Gallery of Projects
>  - Tutorials And Demos
>  Thank you!
> -- Yoshiki
> Eventually, it would be nice to automate it, but it is still a bit
> tricky...
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