[etoys-dev] Wiki Spaces help for new users

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Jul 27 09:30:10 EDT 2009

On 10.07.2009, at 13:57, Frederick Grose wrote:

> After joining the Confluence site, upon login, a new user is taken  
> to a dashboard with no 'spaces' or instructions for adding one.
> Upon clicking a link like http://confluence.immuexa.com/display/sq/Development 
> , an error appears, "The page you were trying to reach does not  
> exist. You may want to try a search, or browse the site to find the  
> page you were looking for."
> Thank you,     --Fred

Seems to work for me (but then, I'm not a new user). Note that the  
canonical url for the wiki is


- Bert -

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