[etoys-dev] FreeCell: Etoys interaction with Journal via DBus on Sugar (OLPC)

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 27 01:24:35 EDT 2009

Hi Bert,

During last month, I spent quite a bit of time getting FreeCell interact via 
DBus with Sugar Datastore. I tried to create a FreeCellLauncher which would 
register with AutoStart, so  that nothing relies on special names such as 
FREECELL_ACTIVITY_ID, and could be used as a framework to develop and deploy 
other Etoys-based Sugar activities. Many of the directions I took were dead 
ends, mostly because CodeLauncher which Launches the code such as FreeCell.st 
cannot at the point of it's execution add FreeCellLauncher to AutoStart, at 
least to the best what I tried.  I eventually accepted that used 

So now, FreeCell does persist it's Statistics on Journal, and can be restarted 
with persisted Statistics from Journal.

Everything is ugly at this point - but I want to make it nicer and generalize 
things so that they could hopefully serve as a cookbook to deploy Etoys 
objects as Sugar activities using the same mechanism.

I also plan to write one or two blogs on this topic in http://etoys-and-
olpc.blogspot.com/ (started already but only as drafts).

The FreeCell activity is attached, hope this list allows small attachments.

Hope you guys enjoyed Squeakfest Brazil!

Later, Milan

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