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On 2009-07-26 16:49, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Interesting discussion on the Sugar list. Since we are working on 
> project sharing via server too, this is highly relevant, in both the 
> legal and technical aspects.
> In particular I agree that for OLPC/Sugar deployments using Moodle 
> school servers we need to default to the school server when publishing 
> projects. Also, we should make sure our meta data (like tagging) is 
> compatible with Sugar's so kids do not have to describe their projects 
> twice when they run in Sugar.
I agree there is a need for this.
The implementation details is a huge task.
Manageability must be kept in focus as it's easy to loose track of 
several thousend projects.
I think we should to scrape out scrips and texts to make it seachable.

I lost my login at wiki.squeakland.org, but we use have a page there to 
track specs we want.


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>> On Sat, Jul 25, 2009 at 11:50 AM, Tomeu Vizoso<tomeu at sugarlabs.org> 
>> wrote:
>>> That's what I was trying to explain ;) Though I do see some value in
>> It's a fantastic idea, but I have to concur with Tomeu -- make it work
>> _local_ (with the XS for example, though it doesn't have to be), and
>> from there push it upstream if possible, but *let users control this
>> explicitly*.
>> My long term plan (if I ever get to it!) is to do something like this
>> with Moodle+Mahara. Or perhaps Moodle->Moodle. So I'd love to see this
>> done.
>> When I write "let users control this explicitly", I mean: let kids
>> share this with their local (and safe) group, and let them choose to
>> publish more widely (to the internet) with the input from adults
>> (teachers, parents).
>> We had almost identical discussions with the "edublog" team, they
>> wanted to have kids blog directly to the internet. As things
>> progressed they realised it was a bad idea. Do search the discussion
>> lists for edublog to have more background.
>> In some countries, beyond being a bad idea, it is illegal. In the US
>> at least there are serious laws that will get teachers and schools
>> into lots of trouble if kids' privacy is breached. And yes, Internet
>> === Breach of privacy.
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