[etoys-dev] New Etoys Installer (#2237) for testing

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Jul 19 16:58:04 EDT 2009

On 19.07.2009, at 01:47, Milan Zimmermann wrote:

> Hi Yoshiki:
> Thanks! I tested the installation on Vista. Installed correctly.  
> Tested both
> standalone run (tested existing projects, and also loaded projects  
> from ".pr"
> files, saved projects etc); also tested as a plugin both in Firefox  
> 3.5 and IE
> 7.
> Everything works great, including the various scaling, full screen  
> etc. There
> are no "black blinking artifacts" when switching between projects.
> I only have 3 notes:
> 1) The installer did not seem to register a "Etoys Unistall" in the  
> Control
> Panel. I I was able to uninstall from Program Files/Etoys.
> 2) "Help" does not work when run in a plugin (works when run  
> standalone). It
> does show Help items, but when clicked on an item, nothing happens.


> 3) The "Clouds" are not a top-level project, there is a blank  
> project on top
> level. But I think this is intended (?) because of browser plugin.

But when you start up stand-alone, the clouds project is entered  
automatically, no?

- Bert -

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